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Are you unemployed and looking to change your life - then call CatZero today

Whether you want to continue your education, move into further education, undertake additional training, find an apprenticeship or job, find work after redundancy, or even develop your own business idea and work for yourself, we have a programme to suit you.

Each of our programmes is designed to offer you the support you need to change your life.  We work intensiely with you to help you identify where you are in life, where you would like to be, and what steps you need to take to get there.  We are with you every step of the way and will help you build your confidence, gain qualifications and meet new people who can help you suceed.

I cannot believe the change in our daughter. We have seen the first glimpse of the daughter we had for the first time in four years. She is happy, excited, motivated, sparkling and had a fantastic time. The whole family are so excited: as well as changing our daughters life you have changed ours because we now have hope.

If you are curently living in the Humber area and want to gain practical qualifications, a professional CV, build self-confidence and have fun, then click on the link below to see what we curently have to offer people of your age in your area ...

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Schools and Youth Team Building

We offer a range of programmes for schools, acadamies and colleges, all designed to help young people focus on their education and manage each challenging stage of their school life, including:

* Bespoke exam revision camps, from a weekend of practical maths to a full week of alternative education.

* Transition programmes working with young people as they move from primary into secondary education.

* Intensive 12 week programmes working with years 9, 10, 11 as they prepare for and undertake their exams.

* One off motivational days for small or large groups of young people.

We also work with local youth teams to build self-confidence, build and improve relationships and inspire young people to maximise their full potential.

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About CatZero

CatZero (Registered Charity No 1138124)

CatZero was established as a result of the Clipper Round the World Yacht race in 2007/2008 which saw a tag team of young people working alongside local business people in an event which truely changed their lives.

"CatZero reaches out to young people who have lost their way and, through a combination of challenge and support, motivates and inspires them to get their lives back on track…It's a truly life-changing experience that has propelled many young people into learning and earning. I congratulate all of those who have supported CatZero and helped so many young people to move off the NEETs register. CatZero was a bold and brave answer to a major social problem. It has paid dividends many times over by transforming the lives and life chances of hundreds of young people.” (Alan Johnson Alan Johnson, MP for West Hull and Hessle, speaking at CatZero’s celebration event)

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Meet The Team

CatZero consists of a small team of staff, overseen by a board of Trustees

The Trustees and staff team are supported by a range of volunteers who offer their time to impart their skills and knowledge to young people.  To find out more about each Trustee, volunteer and team member and what they do, or to find out how to become a volunteer click on the link below.

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic team and programme CatZero has on offer for young people. Their timetable is absolutely packed full of activities and my client is absolutely loving it. They have loads of accreditation on offer for the young people too. The atmosphere was great when I went there earlier and all of the team members made me feel really welcome. You can see how dedicated they are to young people” (Hayley Gilham, Young People’s Support Services, after a visit to the CatZero offices)

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Experience Sailing

Sail a 72 foot Challenge Yacht - No experience necessary

Have you ever wanted to experience sailing?

Whether you are a complete novice, amateur sailor, or experienced yachtsman, CatZero can offer you a unique experience to suit your budget and needs.  From a few hours taster sail on the river Humber, to sailing across the North Sea to Amsterdam, or competing in famous racing events, there's something available for everyone.

I have been on loads of "team" days before and often got something good out of it...This was in another league!

I was sceptical about the day before I arrived... I guessed that we would be passengers and perhaps we would get minimally involved and come home having had a nice day but what the team did yesterday with our people was incredible!  They taught us so many things .... It is easy to just call it team work but actually it was so much more... The list is endless... Teamwork, communication, respect, attention to detail, planning.

We have struggled to make everyone understand that they are all important to the overall business... (Danny and Gary helped do something really special). The list goes on....

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Team Building

On Land or at Sea, we offer your team something to remember

Thinking about a team building event with a difference?  Then CatZero can help you take your team to the limits and test the boundaries.

Our bespoke team building events are designed to help you discover the hidden talents and strengths of your colleagues and achieve results you never even thought possible.  Our events are truely different from any other corporate day and at a price that will surprise you.

Would you please pass on our thanks to all at CatZero on our sailing day.  So to Danny, Gary, Phil, Callum & Andrew, thank you for giving us the most fantastic adventure on Wednesday.  We all didn’t quite know what to expect and this was far and above how we thought the day was going to be!

I think we laughed from start to finish – even at the bad jokes from Phil and Garry had us in stitches and Danny provided us with perfect hilarious running commentary throughout the day – they were all fantastic and didn’t make us feel feeble when we couldn’t pull a rope and encouraged us every bit of the way. Food from the galley was scrumptious and hot too and regular cups of tea perfect!  The video we love, playing again today for us all to watch. We have posted this on the Escrick Park Facebook page as well as our website and provided a link for CatZero– we hope we can shout about what wonderful work you are all doing for young people of Hull and beyond.  We have an amazing boss who arranges these brilliant team building days for us and we have had some wonderful experiences, but CatZero ranks as one of the best - we realise we are an extremely luck bunch of people!

Well done to you all and many thanks once again!

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Supporting CatZero

Become a Friend of CatZero

You don't have to be a major organisation to support us, there are so many ways for small companies and individuals to get involved. 

Whether you want to volunteer an hour of your time to work with young people, fundraise or offer support with a particuar programme or project - we want to hear from you.

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Supporting CatZero

Become A Partner of CatZero

Do you want to get involved in a local chairty that helps change the lives of young people, improves the local community and saves the tax payer millions?

Our partners support us in a range of different ways; from offering services in kind, to being a full programme sponsor and the mututal rewards are endless.

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