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Our Young People need your help - and it’s so easy to do

The Move On Element of CatZero ...

As partners and supporters of Catzero you will be aware that we are working together to help young people achieve their full potential.  In many cases, the young people reach the end of CatZero at the stage where they are ready to enter the world of work.

In the current climate it is very difficult to find suitable opportunities for these young people so CatZero would like to ask:

Are you able to help?

Please take a moment to look at how you could provide CatZero graduates with the chance they so desperately need.  This could enable them to gain realistic work, training and/or work trial, which will then give them the opportunity to become a productive member of society.

What could you do?

• Inform CatZero of Vacancies available within your organisation
• If Vacancies are advertised with a recruitment agency advise them to inform CatZero
• Employ an Apprentice
• Take a young person on a Work Trial
• Traineeships now available for 16-24 year olds
• Offer Work Place Visits to CatZero groups
• Provide Mentors from within your organisation

Interested? Please read on for more information ...


Due to CatZero working with young people froma wide age range, the type of vacancies being sought covers a wide range of occupations, educational and skill levels so we are loojing for aas many local companies as we can to support them to gain valuable work expereince.

CatZero will regularly post on the Website and in its newsletters the type of employment our young people are looking for.

Subsidies are available - CatZero will keep you advised of the government subsidy (Wage Incentive) available to eligible employers recruiting a young person who meets the eligibility criteria.


The type of apprenticeships being sought also covers a wide range of occupations, educational and skills levels.
CatZero can assist you with the organisational side of arranging an apprenticeship and link you up to a suitable training provider if you are not already linked to one.

Again, subsidies are available and CatZero will keep you advised of the current incentives for eligible employers taking on new apprentices

Traineeships give young people aged between 16-24 the opportunity to develop skills and work based experience that is required by employers.  At CatZero we are focussed on developing employability and inter-personal skills to enable an effective transition into the work place.

The content of the traineeship will offer a high quality work placement.  This will give a young person meaningful work experience and develop work based skills alongside support to improve English and maths with a recognised qualification at the end.  There would also be a period of work preparation training, covering areas like job search, inter-personal skills and interview preparation.  The maximum length of a traineeship will be 6 months, with a minimum work placement of 6 weeks up to a maximum of 5 months.

Work Trials

These are available for some young people aged 18 – 24 and could provide an opportunity for you to get to know an individual and how they work rather than relying on a short interview for the vacancy. The work trial can be for anything from 1 – 15 days (agreed before trial begins) and gives the young person an insight into the job.  It also allows the applicant to get over interview nerves etc so you see the real person.

Some of the other benefits of work trials are:

• No wage costs during the trial
• No fuss and minimum paper work
• Confidence you have chosen the right person for the job
• The young person is still able to claim Job Seekers Allowance for the duration of the  work trial

Work Place Group Visits

Allowing CatZero to bring a group of young people to your organisation and tour the many aspects of work undertaken and the job roles involved would be extremely beneficial. It would give the young people an insight into the world of work, expand their knowledge of occupations required within the organisation and inform them how they would need to apply themselves in order to become employed in a particular role.

Many other local business support CatZero in this way including Croda, Transatlantic UK, Sewell Group, Associated British Ports, KC, Territorial Army.


Mentoring can be an effective tool in helping to motivate, support and inspire young people, to raise confidence and self-esteem and levels of achievement, whether personal, academic or work related. Catzero recognises and appreciates the positive impact mentoring can have on a young person and has therefore incorporated mentoring into the programme.

Benefits of mentoring to the young people:

• Enables them to see, first hand, how things are done within your organisation.
• Allows them to acquire the skills needed.
• Gives them the chance to prove themselves.                                     
• Provides them with the opportunity to develop a more promising future.
• Helps them to develop transferable work-relevant skills.

Benefits of mentoring to your organisation:

• Instils a feel good factor within the organisation by staff knowing that they have made a
  positive contribution to a young person’s future
• Further raises the profile of your organisation within the local area and improves your
  community links
• Offers your staff the opportunity for personal development by arranging for them to
  mentor/supervise a young person.
• Ongoing support from CatZero staff to liaise with you and the young person to enable a
  smooth transition into your organisation.

Sailing Opportunities

As part of the CatZero programme the young people undertake a sail on board our namesake 72 foot Challenge yacht CatZero.   All of our partners are invited to join the young people on one of these sails to work alongside and interact with the young people. This will provide the opportunity to see how the young people behave in challenging situations and when possible could form part of your recruitment process.

If you would like to discuss and of the ways in which you can get involved, please contact:

Gail Howson
Progression Manager
Cat Zero Limited
2B Humber Street, Hull HU1 1TG
Tel: 01482 333306
Mobile: 07855 534190

Thank for taking the time to consider how you can continue to help the young people of CatZero achieve their full potential!