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South Bank Programmes 2017

CatZero have a number of programmes now finalised for the North and North East Lincolnshire areas, aimed at young people aged between 16 and 24 which start in January and run throughout the year.

Why you should join us:

CatZero is a course like no other.  We’ll take you on a selection event in the beautiful countryside before you start on a 10-12 week course that will challenge you to change your life.

Over the course you will:

• Gain up to seven practical qualifications that
   employers want to see!
• Try exciting activities such as rock climbing,
   boxercise and driving pilot boats!
• Get a professional C.V and help with your move
   into employment, education or further training!
• Get important education about health matters
   such as drugs, alcohol and healthy eating!
• Meet local employers and get inspired about job
   opportunities in your area!
• Take part in a sail on board Challenge 72 Racing
   Yacht “CatZero”!

We’ll challenge and support you to increase your self-confidence and motivation, and help you address your barriers to employment. At the end of the course, we have a celebration event for friends, family and keyworkers where you can show off your achievements and qualifications. But CatZero doesn’t stop there.

We’ll continue to work with you for as long as you need to help you find the job you want.

Since the beginning of this programme, CatZero have achieved an outstanding success rate moving young people in education, employment or training, so contact Catzero on 01482 333303 today to find out when you can join CatZero and challenge yourself to change your life!


'Join the course' is what I would say to others.

'The programme was brialliant - best thing ever - I will be telling everyone to do it'.

'Made me a better person'.

'It was amazing and it helped me get to know myself, and more ... take the opportunity with CatZero and whether it interests you or not, you will enjoy it, you will make new friends and it is an amazing life changing experience and it helps you with your future education and employment'.

'The programme has helped me think about what I want to do in future and has changed my life'.

'It is one of the best experiences I have ever had'.

'I think CatZero has been amazing and has helped me in many ways and I think if I could do it again - I would ... twice!'


North East Lincolnshire (Grimsby)

CatZero ran a number of programmes in Grimsby throughout 2016, including working with those over 40, running a programme for those with particular heath needs, programmes supporting the homeless and working with the long term unemployed.

Three programmes have been set for 2017 with the first of these commecing in April 2017 for young people aged 16-21.


Programme One - 16-21 year olds

Starts Tuesday 18th April with a short Presentation at The Hub, Freeman Street, Grimsby at 2.00 pm.

This is your chance to attaend, find out more about CatZero and ask questions.  At this stage you are not commiting to anything - so please come along.

The Introduction event takes place on Thursday 20th April.  All transport and equipment is provided.

You will find out more about this at the presentation, but again at this stage you are not fully commiting to anything.  The event is run to see if you are right for CatZero and if CatZero is right for you.

Programme Two commences July 2017 - exact details to follow

Programme Three commences October 2017 - exact details to follow

Call us on 01482 333303 or 07879 775193 to register your interest.

North Lincolnshire (Scunthorpe)

The final programme of 2016 went really well and participants are now working towards moving into a positive outcome with our specialist move-on team.

Presently we don't have any programmes confirmed but talks are taking place with local agencies and we do hope to run more programmes in the area during 2017.

Call us on 01482 333303 or 07879 775193 to register your interest.

We are looking for support for programmes in 2017 - If you want to help support / fund further programmes in the North and North East Lincolsnhiore areas, call CatZero now to find out more - ask for Sean (01482 333303 / 07879 775193).