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On Land

CatZero’s land based team building experiences focus on trust, planning and cognitive problem solving abilities to ensure a team’s effectiveness as a unit.  The day typically focusses on challenging outdoor activities that demand fresh perspectives, new ideas and effective communication. We also offer exciting skills sessions based around outdoor activities such as fire lighting, wild camping and hill walking.  The combination of exciting challenges and energetic activities in fabulous countryside environments serve as a fantastic opportunity to break down barriers, develop and enhance relationships and serve as a fantastic opportunity for a workplace reward or test.

This is all undertaken using Restorative Practices (RP) methodology which enables those involved to challenge and support each other in a controlled environment with each person having an equal say in any decisions and, most importantly, how they feel about what is happening.  RP is a fundamental component of any CatZero programme and is a crucial tool in assisting team dynamics, communication and development, as well as developing confidence and self-esteem and aiding personal action planning.

Here's what people had to say:

'I've never cooked outdoors before ... the cooking challenge was excellent'

'The outdoor challenges were very good ... it was a great team building event and lots of fun'

'The day set new challenges and enabled people to get to know each other and work well together as a team'

 'An enjoyable experience by a professional team'

'The 'up the stick activity' was excellent - something that people would never usually get to do - it helps you put your trust in others'

'Great to look at communication and team involvement - a great way to get to know your team and have fun at the same time'

'The Restorative Practice session is really interesting and useful ... it will help people look at the way they work with others and deal with situations in the future'

To book your team onto a fantastic shore-based team building event with Catzero, please contact Pete on 01482 333305 or email


Building Teams / Changing Lives

‘Challenge your team in the ultimate out of office environment’

Land Based team building events can range from an a 4 hour indoor session, to a full 24 hour outdoor event incorporating building your own accommodation and a night hike - or anything in-between.

Activities to choose from include the outdoor cooking challenge, outdoor and indoor mental and physical activities, hiking through the beautiful Wolds or Peak District, an introduction to restorative practice to help determine how you interact with others, or even climbing our 90 foot mast supported by your colleagues.  We have something to suit everyone.


Guide price is £150 per person per day + VAT for the first 12 participants then £100 per person per day for each person thereafter to a maximum of 32 people.  All land based events include venue hire, transport, refreshments, lunch, kit / protective clothing and equipment.

Note: this is a guide price and may increase if catered lunches or hotel facilities are required.

Testimonials are available from a number of local and international business', including Akzo Nobel, Sewells, City HealthCare Partnership - so if you want to contact anyone for a reference - give us a call and we can sort it out.