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Pipers Crisps teams up with CatZero to help local young people
Wednesday 16th November, 2016

Pipers Crisps teams up with CatZero to help local young people

Pipers Crisps has teamed up with youth development charity CatZero to support unemployed young people living in Grimsby.

This new corporate partnership will enable CatZero to support some of the most vulnerable young people living in the town and help them find work and feel more confident about their future.  Amongst those being supported are young people who are at risk of homelessness and long-term unemployment. 

CatZero works across the Humber with disadvantaged and disaffected young people who struggle to access education and find employment for a variety of reasons, such as broken homes, drugs, abuse or crime.

CatZero’s unique and hugely-challenging programmes are designed to build confidence and aspirations in young people, aged between 16 and 24, with a series of tasks aimed at putting participants’ lives on track and preparing them for the world of work.

Alex Albone, Director of Pipers Crisps, said: “we have seen first-hand the impact CatZero is having on the lives of local young people and we wanted to do more to ensure more young people can access the CatZero programme”.

 “In addition to providing financial support for CatZero’s programmes, we wanted to offer young people a real insight into the types of job opportunities that exist in the local area – we have encouraged CatZero to bring young people into our business, meet our staff and become more aware of the types of opportunities that are available to them”.

Piper crisps employs 75 staff, and is deeply committed to training and development of staff at all levels and in all roles.

Mr Albone added: “We’re very proud of this new partnership with CatZero.  They are literally changing the futures of some of this regions most disadvantaged young people and we are delighted to be able to support their work that focuses on Grimsby and the surrounding area”.

Sean Cahill, CatZero’s Programme Manager outlined the important role that local businesses play in supporting CatZero’s work “CatZero is delivering a vital service to young people who are often hidden from mainstream society and are not able to access support services.  We are grateful that local business leaders like Alex Albone recognise this problem and are prepared to lend their support to our work”.

He added: “We always find exposing our young people to the excellent local companies we work with is highly valuable and beneficial, so we’re delighted to be working so closely with Pipers Crisps on this partnership.

CatZero has worked with 1,500 young people across the Humber region, of which 65% have moved on into employment, education and training.

Central to CatZero’s programme are sailing challenges on board the charity’s 72-foot yacht. The yacht is used as a tool to build self-confidence, teamwork, co-operation and respect using a series of educational and motivating challenges away from the participants’ usual surroundings.

Part of Piper’s partnership package with CatZero was a team-building day on board the CatZero yacht, which saw 12 members of the Piper’s team sail from Hull to the Humber Gateway offshore wind farm and back.