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Partner Support

CatZero is a registered charity (no 1138124) and all funds raised are reinvested for the benefit of children, young people and families.  CatZero relies on the generous support of Partner organisations to continue to provide innovative youth programmes.

By working in partnership with other local organisations, CatZero can make a huge impact on improving the prospects of young people who face a variety of challenges when moving into the world of work, training or further education.

We engage with partners from the private, public and voluntary sectors who work alongside our staff to support young people and / or offer work placements or provide volunteering time.  Working alongside local business people also enables the young people to meet professionals from an array of organisations, agencies and backgrounds.  Working in partnership with local business people on the boat allows the young people to realise their potential and see themselves as equals.

Partners can be involved in a variety of ways, from donations, financial support for programmes, delivery of activity sessions, provision of staff time to volunteer or to mentor young people and much more.

It is quick, simple and rewarding to become a programme partner, partner, supporter or friend of CatZero.  There is no minimum or maximum to your involvement - whether you donate your time, offer services in kind, make donations, wish to fundraise or support a full programme, there is something for everyone with each of our packages being bespoke to you and your organisation.

The following are just some examples of how you can become involved and what we can do for you.  Please contact us to look at a programme that suits your individual / company needs.

Programme Partner - £30,000 - £40,000

As a Programme Partner, you and members of your organisation will get to meet young people taking part in a CatZero programme and become an instrumental factor in changing their lives.

A full programme would be linked to your organisation offering PR opportunities and involvement with the young people throughout their shore-based and sailing experience.

You will be given the chance to identify mentors for the programme who could also take part in the sailing voyage.  This allows local businesses the opportunity to use the programme as a development tool for thier own staff.  It also enables local businesses to use the programme as a long interview process, seeing the young people at their best, and worst, something which current partners have benefitted from.

Our partners also get the opportunity for other benefits that CatZero has to offer - just speak to any member of our Team.

Corporate Partner – minimum of £10,000 - £15,000 value of services in kind per annum

As a Corporate Partner, offering services in kind to the value of at least £10,000, you will become involved with CatZero and benefit from the rewards of engaging your employees with a worthwhile cause as well as meeting your corporate social responsibilities.  As well as providing essential services to the organisation and benefitting from the difference you are making, you and your staff are offered opportunities to participate in the programme, offer support and mentor the young people.

Like all our partners you will also be given the opportunity to choose from a range of other benefits and prmotional opportunities.

Partners and In Kind Supporters – minimum of £5,000 donation p/a

There are a range of ways that you can become a partner or supporter of CatZero bringing corporate social responsibilities to you and your organisation.


Partner packages are available for a minimum of £5,000 cash donation, with benefits including prestigious branding on our Challenge 72 Racing Yacht, and namesake, “CatZero” placed in the heart of Hull Marina.  Your staff can also be as involved in our programmes as they wish and support young people as they take part in the sailing challenge.

As a partner, you will also be given the chance of a shore based team building activity or places on our sails or sailing challenges.  Your logo will also appear on the stern of the yacht, be included on our website and be included within our newsletters.


Other local business' support CatZero by offering services in kind and, like our partners, can benefit from participation in our programmes and be included on our website.

Many of our long term in kind supporters have been awarded partner status, offering them all the benefits of partner status such as branding on the side of the yacht and inclusion in our newsletters and on our website.

We also offer a range of sailing opportunities to each of our in kind supporters.

Friend of CatZero

There are a range of individuals and organisations that support CatZero programmes, including awarding grants, fundraising, working alongside CatZero staff to deliver sessions to young people, providing occassional services in kind or providing other mentoring and support services to the young people to help them change their lives.  All friends are recognised on our website and are regularly included in newsletters.  Supporters are also welcome to join staff and young people on board CatZero, providing further support and encouragement as an equal.

All of these packages offer you the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the welfare of, and investing in the future of, local youth.

For more details, or to pledge
your support to our essential charitable work, please contact us on 01482 333303.



A legacy can go a long way to help change the lives of young people.

CatZero were fortunate enough to receive a legacy through the Colin DeMowbray scholarship, awarded to CatZero to support a young person through a sailing apprenticeship.

Sam Hodgkinson was the first apprentice to benefit from the scholarship, chosen from a number of young people who completed the original CatZero NEETs programme.

Sam spent two years hard at work, first completing his Day Skipper, followed by his Yachtmaster off-shore. Sam experienced his first race, competing in the 2011 Fastnet as part of the OneHull (now CatZero) crew.  He then spent four months sailing from Hull to Las Palmas, St Lucia and The Azores as part of the CatZero North Atlantic challenge which encompassed the famous ARC race, building up his experience and miles.

Sam continued to go from strength to strength with his sailing. He was promoted to First Mate in March 2012 when he also received an additional bursary from Trinity to complete his Yachtmaster Ocean certificate, which he gained in October 2012.

At the end of 2012 Sam got the opportunity to work abroad, where he gained experience in commissioning vessels in Palma, Majorca as well as acting as First Mate on board a delivery from Bayona to Gran Canaria, Spain. At the start of 2013 he was again employed commissioning vessels in Palma, Majorca.

On his return to the UK Sam rejoined CatZero to help out on the extensive re-fit of the yacht and saild in the capacity of First Mate onboard CatZero throughout the 2013 and 2014 seasons. He also runs the pre-season re-fit of the yacht and then looks after the maintenance on board CatZero.   Sam is now a fully qualified commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Ocean which has opened up a world of opportunities to him and is hoping to achieve his ambition is to be the youngest-ever skipper of a vessel in the famous Clipper Round The World Yacht Race.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of offering a legacy with CatZero to allow another young person a similar opportunity, please give us a call on 01482 333303 and ask for Danny.