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Programme structure

Presentation and Introductory event - team building activities where the young people are supported to challenge themselves and meet other members of their team.

Delivery programme -  delivered by CatZero staff along with partner organisations - fostering independence, trust, confidence and sustainability in an alternative learning environment conductive to young people’s needs.  As an integral part of the programme the young people can gain up to seven qualifications.

Residential experience - water based sailing challenge aboard a 72ft Challenge yacht.  While on board, the Young People crew the boat with the assistance of a qualified crew on a four hour on, four hour off watch system for the full duration of the trip.  Elements involved include preparation and cooking of meals, cleaning, helming the vessel, navigation, engineering, all alongside local business volunteers and mentors.  Carrying out such a watch system becomes very disorientating, particularly through the night which pushes all crew members beyond their comfort zone enabling them to feel a sense of achievement and self-belief.

Move on - professional support and guidance, allowing young people to take the lead when making decisions about their future path.  The challenges facing young people include finding work, moving away, accessing services, finding new friends etc.  Making plans, solving problems, organising life and feeling competent and in control are vital ingredients to a successful adult life. These skills are generally developed by young people over an extended period, one challenge at a time with the support of our staff.

All new projects build on the outstanding success achieved through the nationally recognised award winning Wilberforce Youth Development Programme.

“I just wanted to say how great the group was today. All were really engaged, focused and open to help and advice. They are a credit to CatZero and each should be really proud of themselves as they have now topped my favourite group list!” (Laura Fermandell, Sewell Group, After a visit by young people to the Sewells Skills Centre)

The Programme Foundation

One to one reviews - An integral element of our programmes is regular One to One reviews between the young people and the delivery officers. These provide an opportunity for any underlying issues to be highlighted and offer the young person the right support to deal with them.

Mentoring - Our staff work alongside the young people to develop a relationship based on trust which facilitates open discussions around underlying issues.  We also encourage local volunteers to act as mentors for the young people; these mentors often come from local businesses.

Partnerships - CatZero work alongside local business, local education and training providers and local statutory services.  The relationships built have enabled the young people to network with potential employers, visit potential employment or educational destinations and access local services.


Forthcoming Programmes

North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire

Click here for more details on programmes available south of the Humber.

Hull & The East Riding of Yorkshire

Click here to find about more about what is happening on the North Bank.

Supporting the Ex Military

CatZero have received funding to support ex military personnel into work. If you have served in the Army or Army Reserves call 01482 333303 or 333305 if you are interested in a CatZero programme during 2017 or email


CatZero have continued to work with a range of schools across the Humber Sub Region.  For further information about programmes and opportunities around the Humber click here.

“As an a academy, we were delighted when we learned that some of our more challenging young students would have the opportunity to take part in Cat Zero's programme.  We were not disappointed.  Seeing the graduation of the Y11 students who took part was testament to the fantastic role that Cat Zero's programme played in helping these young adults turn themselves around.  By starting with the students before they had left school, we managed between us to ensure that each one achieved a positive destination which, given their starting points, was an incredible achievement." (Andrew Chubb, Archbishop Sentamu)

This year has gone good. I am miles better now, I have calmed down. CatZero has helped me. I want to be a mechanic in our new building.