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Why Sailing

Sailing brings you back to fundamentals. Spending time on a boat seems to bring out the best in human nature.  Sharing the experience with colleagues or complete strangers, working through challenges and experiencing the thrills, bringing you together.

Whether on a short taster sail or a longer voyage across the open seas, you talk a lot, laugh a lot and experience something new together, learning a lot more than you think you would expect, discovering strengths you didn't know you had.

You are tested to the limits whilst harnessing the forces of nature to the best of your ability and it can be a wild and exhilarating ride. Then there are quiet moments that etch themselves into your memory, where seas and skies provide moments of pure beauty.

CatZero offers a number of unique sailing experiences to the public, from four hour taster events to weeks in the beautiful Caribbean.  Each sail brings together complete novices and experienced sailors, working together alongside a professional crew.  From navigation, to helming, each event ensures you experience every aspect of sailing.  A minimum donation to the charity is requested and all the surplus funds are used to subsidise our young people's programmes.

Each of our young people's programmes involves a sailing experience - whether this is a 24 hour sail or a full 10 day residential experience, each young person earns their place on a voyage that will change their lives and have a sustainable impact on their future.
CatZero uses sailing to take young people outside their comfort zone, putting them into a unique challenging situation which looks at how they perform.  The young people surprise themselves as they form two groups (watches) working on a 4 hour on, 4 hour off rota.  They work alongside  professional crew and volunteers.  This element of the programme has proven to be extremely successful, enabling young people to prove their capabilities and work alongside potential employers from their home town.  Each watch carries out key functions to enable the vessel to complete its voyage, these include: Navigator, Engineer, Cleaner, Cook and Team Leader.  The voyage builds upon the heritage of the Humber and is very well respected as a significant challenge by the young people, local businesses and parents.


Find a fantastic Sailing Experience gift for a friend or even treat yourself

Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced sailor, CatZero has a wide variety of experiences available on board our 72 foot Challenge Yacht.

Taster sails - 4 hour experience on the waterfront of Hull or Grimsby - click here for more

Day sails - 12 hour experience navigating the Humber Estuary and out into the North Sea - click here for more

Dutch Dash - four days across 200 miles of North Sea, experience Amsterdam before returning to the Humber - a fantastic weekend experience - click here for more

World Famous Racing - take that ultimate challenge and feel the thrill of racing a 72 foot challenge Yacht through the open seas.  Help continue our history of winning our class in famous sailing events including:

Rolex Fastnet Race - Bi-annual Rolex Fastnet Race is one of the largest yacht races in the world. click here for more information

Round the Island Race - The annual Round the Island Race is a one-day yacht race around the Isle of Wight. click here for more information

We take requests from everyone for anything - so for information about sailing with us or commissioning a bespoke event, contact Danny on 01482 333303 e-mail  and
we can plan an event to suit your budget and meet your needs.

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“I can speak for everyone when I say that the experience, personally and as a team, was one that we will all remember for a very long time. It is fair to say that we were very “lucky” with the conditions, which just added to the experience overall and made it that much more challenging and satisfying. Sport is regularly used as an analogy / synonym to business. I think sailing is one of those sports that actually compare to running a business. I took away a number of thoughts in this respect and I am certain others did as well. Please pass on our thanks again to your crew for helping us when we needed help… A wonderful group of people and a fantastic charity.” (Gary Young, Kcom, after a team building day on the CatZero yacht)