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Test you team with the ultimate team building experience

Join the CatZero team for an exciting sail and help change the lives of young people in the Humberside area!

Our namesake Challenge 72 Racing Yacht “CatZero” provides a team with a singularly demanding environment in which to bond and develop, alongside a truly unique collection of rewards. With the River Humber and North Sea awaiting your exploration, our experienced skipper and crew will test your team’s mettle and push their boundaries of co-operation, communication and interdependence. Unfamiliar skills and tests combine to encourage collaboration, targeting shared goals.  Cognitive problem solving results in an enormously rewarding and hugely motivational shared experience. CatZero uses the Hawk sailing challenge system in the Humber to develop a team’s decision making and cost / risk assessment skills.

This is all undertaken using Restorative Practices (RP) methodology which enables those involved to challenge and support each other in a controlled environment with each person having an equal say in any decisions and, most importantly, how they feel about what is happening. RP is a fundamental component of any CatZero programme and is a crucial tool in assisting team dynamics, communication and development, as well as developing confidence and self-esteem and aiding personal action planning.

This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Is your team up to the challenge?

For an extended challenge, why not book up to four days on the CatZero yacht? With trips available around the British coastline or across to Continental Europe, the only limits on your adventure are the ones you set for yourself! Customise your CatZero team building package with activity stops and overnight watch systems that make this a memorable team event.


As all programmes are bespoke, costs may vary slightly and can also depend on the number of events being planned and the number of people taking part.

The following are indicative costs for sea events:

Day Sailing

All day sails include a welcome breakfast, kit and clothing, professional crew, refreshments, lunch, snacks and a light tea and are a fixed price for up to 12 participants.

Team Building /Corporate Hospitality Guide Price is £3,000

Longer Sea Voyages

CatZero also offers overnight sailing events and can extend these up to 10 days.  All sails include clothing and equipment, all food whilst on board, mooring fees and charts.

Guide price is £200 per person per day (12 people).

Note: this is a guide price and may decrease as part of a wider package or increase if any additional requirements such as excursions ashore and / or meals ashore are required.

For information on booking your bespoke team building event, contact Danny Watson 01482 333303 or email

CatZero also offer bespoke land based team building packages.  Cick here to find out more.

"It was great to see how everyone pulled together and worked as a team and we all agreed it was a once in a lifetime expereince" (Sewell Group)

“The experience, personally and as a team, was one that we will all remember for a very long time,. I would highly recommend the experience to other businesses. Not only is it a brilliant team build opportunity, but you're also supporting a worthwhile charity at the same time.” (Gary Young KC Director of Business, speaking to following a KC team building day). Click here to read more.