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Building Teams / Changing Lives

‘Challenge your team in the ultimate out of office environment’

Great teamwork makes things happen more than anything else and is key to business success in these challenging times.  CatZero packages offer you a unique opportunity to challenge, motivate and bond teams whilst supporting the important work of a charity that changes young people’s lives.

Each of our team building events are tailored to meet individual group needs and include:

• Management team days
• Teamwork and leadership challenges
• Reward and incentive packages
• Corporate hospitality

Through working with young people, CatZero has developed a unique approach to personal development.  We do this by using challenging, educational and stimulating activities in line with personal action planning, goal setting and review systems to improve the outcomes of the people we work with.  You can do that for your business.

On Water

Team Building

I have been on loads of "team" days before and often got something good out of it...This was in another league!

I was sceptical about the day before I arrived... I guessed that we would be passengers and perhaps we would get minimally involved and come home having had a nice day but what the team did yesterday with our people was incredible!  They taught us so many things .... It is easy to just call it team work but actually it was so much more... The list is endless... Teamwork, communication, respect, attention to detail, planning.

We have struggled to make everyone understand that they are all important to the overall business... (Danny and Gary helped do something really special). The list goes on....

To sail a yacht, every member of the crew has to work together, overcoming the challenge of communication, teamwork and leadership.

A sailing challenge takes your team away from their familiar surroundings and places them in a challenging and unfamiliar environment, breaking down organisational barriers and forging new relationships whilst strengthening existing ones.  But, above all, it creates a powerful shared experience that will stay with your team long after they have left the water.

With our proven expertise in using sailing as a vehicle for both team and individual development, we can build a programme which will be tailored round your specific business / team needs.  It will provide everyone taking part with a highly motivational learning experience with lessons that can be applied back in the work environment.

Sailing opportunities range from a one day (12 hour) experience up to 10 days.  Each experience is designed in consultation with participants to meet individual needs and aspirations.


Client reward days and hospitality events are also available, bespoke to meet your needs.

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or call Dan on 01482 333312.

A range of great land and sea events have taken place at CatZero and testimonials are available from a number of local, national and international organisations, including Sewells, Akzo Nobel, ARCO, William Jacksons, Transatlantic Shipping, Harris Lacey and Swain, Baitsons, KC, Hull City AFC and more.

For more information on a team building experience to remember, that is truely effective and makes a sustainable difference to you team, call now.

On Land

Team Building

Don’t have sea egs? CatZero also runs land-based events.

Much of the work we do with the young people on our programmes is land based and is designed to motivate, increase self-confidence and build teams.  This experience has led to the development of a range of programmes we can offer to organisations, including simulated rescue scenarios and outdoor events designed to present new challenges in unfamiliar situations.

CatZero offers one and two day inspiring and motivational team challenges, designed to meet the needs of your organisation and individuals participating in the event.

All of our experiences are delivered in a fun and enthusiastic manner in an alternative working environment and are guaranteed to remain with participants for a lifetime, bringing your organisation long lasting benefits.

RYA VHF Course

CatZero offer RYA approved VHF qualification courses.  Dates are set on demand so give Pete a call and we can arrange a date to suit you.

RYA First Aid Course

CatZero offer RYA approved First Aid qualification courses.  Dates are set on demand - just give us a call and we can arrange something to suit.

If you would like more information, click here or contact or call Pete on 01482 333305.

“We are a communications company and as a team we have never communicated better than we did today!” KC employee at the end of a day sail activity