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Meet some of our regular volunteers:

CatZero is fortunate to have a talented and committed group of volunteers that support CatZero’s work with young people within East Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire:

Sam Hodgkinson


Sam's Role

Sam is one of CatZero's regular first mates, working alongside Dan on all types of voyages, from one day events to the more extensive challenges.

About Sam

Sam is one of CatZero's success stories.  He joined CatZero as a programme participant in March 2010 at the age of 17.   Sam was so inspired by the sailing element that he was taken on as a sailing apprenticeship as part of the Colin DeMowbray scholarship.  Sam spent two years working alongside professional skippers and first mates, taking part in the 2011 North Atlantic Challenge that took him to the Carribean.  Sam gained his Day Skipper qualification followed by his Yachtmaster Off-Shore and eventally, at the age of 19, Sam qualified as a Yachtmaster Offshore and is commercially endorsed.

You can read more about Sam by clicking here.

Sandra Strachan

Sandra formerly worked for CatZero managing the move on side of the programme.  Prior to joining CatZero Sandra worked for 33 years for the Careers Service/Connexions and had a variety of roles, including working with the long term unemployed, care leavers and young offenders. She also played a major role in setting up the schools’ work experience programme across the Humber Sub Region. Early in 2009 Sandra was seconded from Connexions to CatZero for 2 years and this is when she realised the CatZero programme was the best and most successful project she had ever worked on and became an employee of the charity.  Sandra has now retired but just can't keep away and volunteers on a regular basis, still spreading her magic and changing young people's lives, as well as making the tea.

Stan Mann

Stan is a retired Consultant Radiologist who worked for the NHS for 38 years.  Stan has a wide variety of interests mainly in outdoor activities.

After hearing about the NHS purchase of a large yacht by the NHS (about which he had some doubts himself), he followed the progress of CatZero in the local media and on the internet.   Stan eventually offered his services as a volunteer in 2012 and has since participated in both the shore based and sailing experiences.

Stan says 'I have found the whole scheme both very interesting and intensely rewarding; the changes in the young people, from the beginning of their course to completion is extremely impressive.  The change in self confidence, appearance and attitude is nothing short of remarkable.  These youngster- deserve a chance in life and I consider myself privileged to play a small part in helping them.'

John McColl

John is a retired marine engineer with extensive experience in the marine industry, having built a couple of boats - a 26 foot motor sailor and 43 foot Roberts.  CatZero is very fortunate to have John as one of our regular volunteers, working alongside Danny and other sea staff and volunteers to maintain the boat and support young people during their residential sailing experience.

John spends many hours making sure the yacht is maintained to a high standard and was instrumental in ensuring CatZero had a successful winter refit.

In his spare time John can be found building his sailing experience on the River Humber and also renovating properties. 

Nigel Rose

Nigel was a salesman in the software industry for 25 years working with engineering and manufacturing companies.  Following the death of his wife he joined the Clipper 07-08 race on Hull and Humber where he first met Danny.  The sailing helped Nigel come to terms with his wife's death and gave him a way forward.  The city of Hull also managed to touch his heart, the interest and support from Hull during the race really was amazing.  Nigel says. "for me there is no better way to honour my late wife than being a very small part of an organisation that helps young people move on in life".

Debs Smales

Most of Deb's life has been spent working as an estate agent and taking care of her three lovely daughters.  As her children began leaving home to make lives of their own, Debs looked for new challenges to fill the gap and took part in the round the world Clipped race and fell in love with sailing, having previously done some dinghy sailing in her twenties but nothing like "big boat sailing".  After the clipped race Debs joined CatZero and has been a regular volunteer since the charity was formed in 2009.  Debs says ' believe in everything the charity is trying to achieve and have supported them on their many sailing voyages around Britain, Europe and the Caribbean.  The team at CatZero are a truly inspiring  group of people who are touching the lives of many other Individuals.  Helping everyone along the difficult path into education, training or employment.'  Debs' primary roles are ensuring the boat is well stocked with provisions for each sail, acting as watch leader on board to maintain safety and to ensure the crew have a great time and supervising and assisting in the galley over the preparation of nutritious meals, particularly in bad weather conditions when only the most arduous of souls can take the pace!  Debs absolutely loves being out at sea and finds the eco life aboard satisfying.  She says 'the days are long and the nights are sometimes freezing cold.  The many extremes aboard are challenging, this is the perfect environment to test your tenacity!  You really do begin to understand your strengths and weaknesses. I have always had a passion for fresh air and exercise.  I believe it goes hand in hand with good food and a wholesome lifestyle.  Passing on these benefits to young people is a rewarding experience with CatZero.'

Other volunteers (who are just too shy to send in their pictures) include:

Shealagh Adams
Chris Adams
Fioan Armer
John Aaron
Rob Begnett
Mayo Binnie
Paul Brant
Liam Cannell
Phill Clarkson
Sharon Cowan
Graham Crawford
Abby Dacres
Nicky Duncumb
Rebecca Dymond
Chris Eyre
Amy Fletcher
Robert Frazer
Derek Furniss
Kaye Gannon
Mark Holden
Tony Holdsworth
Andrew How
Stephen Hoyle
Les Hudson
Ricki Kirton
Bradley Laughley
Callum Leach
John Lewis
Laura McLaughlin
Andrew McCleary
Alan McKenzie
Holly Mellors
Sally-Anne Neal
Sally Nettleton
Debbie Newman
Stephen Oliver
Brendan O'Connor
Neil O'Leary
Robert Peacock
David Price
Rachel rattigan
Joanathan Sedgewick
Maddy Swift
Tim Smith
Dave Talbot
Andy Taylor
Michael Thompson
Quentin Thompson
Ian Tyler
James Waggott

Biographies to follow.

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