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About CatZero

CatZero (formerly known as One Hull) is the 72 Foot Challenge Round the World Racing Yacht which is at the heart of the scheme.

The yacht is insurance Category Zero, from where it gets its name, and can sail anywhere in the world, in all conditions.  We take this intrepid, adventurous attitude into our work with young people.

Purchased using capital funds from NHS Hull, the yacht is primarily used with groups of young people as a tool to build self-confidence, teamwork and co-operation.  However, the CatZero yacht has now successfully been able to develop a number of exciting racing and other challenging adventures throughout the year, available to private and corporate clients.  From discovering fabulous Norwegian Fjords to skipping over the waves in the world famous Fastnet race, CatZero continues to set challenges, explore new horizons and push boundaries the world over.

The Winter Re-fit 2013

It certainly lived up to its title with sleet, fog, snow and ice…not the best conditions for painting!

However, in the toughest conditions we managed to achieve our objectives of anti-fouling the hull externally, painting the deck and rust removal and painting internally.

This would not have been possible without some unbelievable help and generosity from local organizations.

So, on behalf of CatZero, a bit like an Oscar acceptance speech, Danny would like to thank the following:

Mark Boothby and Bill Leigh from Sewell Group, who supported me throughout each stage of the re-fit, from the pre-planning and risk assessments which enabled an incident free programme, through to discussing difficulties and finding solutions via their contacts including the scaffolding supplied by B&A Scaffolding, CJ Covers for providing tarpaulins, Brandon Hire for the pipe bogeys and trestles, A Plant for the fume extraction equipment/diesel heater and PAT testing via Vic Coupland.

Brian and his team at B&A Scaffolding who erected a structure; this was described by a boat owner in the yard as ‘magnificent!’  The structure provided safe access and an environment that enabled us to build a tent above CatZero to keep the temperature above 10 degrees centigrade in order for the paints to go off.

Graham White and Akzo Nobel came on board as a partner at the end of 2012. As part of their support, a team of employees volunteered to help on the boat on a Friday and then give up their own Saturday. My thanks go to Neil, Mark, Dennis, Andrew and Liam. Steve Maesepp, Health and Safety for Akzo Nobel, provided expert assistance in providing a safe working environment with all of the paints involved. The paints we were using were provided Akzo Nobel’s sister company, International Paint Yacht Division. Fred Cole, European Commercial Manager, not only supplied the anti-fouling, non-slip deck paint and internal paint for the bilges, he also provided excellent support via Richard Jerram and I thank him for his patience. Fred Cole also organized Awlgrip paint for our topside repairs, which was provided by Adrian Layton at Marineware.

Prior to taking CatZero out of the water the mast need to be removed.  Carl Nolfolk at Hird organised the lift with Jon Hart at Central Cranes.  The lift went perfectly both on removal and on re-stepping the mast.

I’d also like to thank Paul Holland at ABP for the use of the shed in Albert Dock where a full overhaul of the mast took place.

Richard at Kildale Marine came up with a solution to split the mast, as it comes in two pieces, in order to remove old unwanted mousing line and to run new cables once the conduits had been cleared. To say the mast works were challenging would be an understatement.  However Richard and Richard made it happen and we now have a completely serviced mast. Once again a free loan of 2 gantry hoists, by Keith Webster from Top-Lifting, enabled the works to take place.

Tom Holditch, Greenleaf Contractors, did an excellent job of rust removal internally prior to the painting.

ARCO supported the whole event with the provision of necessary safety equipment and other essential supplies, without which, the volunteers could not have done such a great job adhering to the schedule.

Which lease us to the final huge thank to all the volunteers that gave up their time during the re-fit.  These include John McColl, Quentin Thompson, Nigel Rose, Les Hudson, Chris & Nicola Eyre, Andrew How, Stephen Oliver, Sam Hodgkinson, Carl Key and Deb Smales.

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