CatZero CatZero

About CatZero

CatZero (formerly known as One Hull) is the 72 Foot Challenge Round the World Racing Yacht which is at the heart of the scheme.

The yacht is insurance Category Zero, from where it gets its name, and can sail anywhere in the world, in all conditions.  We take this intrepid, adventurous attitude into our work with young people.

Purchased using capital funds from NHS Hull, the yacht is primarily used with groups of young people as a tool to build self-confidence, teamwork and co-operation.  However, the CatZero yacht has now successfully been able to develop a number of exciting racing and other challenging adventures throughout the year, available to private and corporate clients.  From discovering fabulous Norwegian Fjords to skipping over the waves in the world famous Fastnet race, CatZero continues to set challenges, explore new horizons and push boundaries the world over.