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Youth Team Building

CatZero designs and organises bespoke programmes for youth sports teams in order to encourage motivation, aspiration and engagement amongst pupils. With over 4 years of experience in delivering innovative and successful programmes to unemployed young people in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas, CatZero uses sailing at the heart of each tailored programme to develop a youth team’s transferrable skills in self-confidence, teamwork and cognitive problem solving. CatZero takes its name from the insurance rating of the yacht, classed as “category zero”, meaning it can take on all conditions in any part of the world. We take this “no-limits” approach into our work with young people to enable and support them in achieving their full potential.

The programme will be undertaken using Restorative Practices (RP) methodology which enables those involved to challenge and support each other in a controlled environment with each person having an equal say in any decisions and, most importantly, how they feel about what is happening. RP is a fundamental component of any Catzero programme and is a crucial tool in assisting team dynamics, communication and development, as well as developing confidence and self-esteem and aiding personal action planning.

“The players worked brilliantly together on board… illustrating how the unique environment challenges individuals and teams to support each other to achieve common goals.” (Jim Dick, Chairman of CatZero, speaking to about a team building day aboard CatZero involving players from both Hull KR and Hull FC Rugby League teams
Hull City AFC Youth Team in 2013 completed a land and sea team building event.  The whole youth team set off for Melton on 10th July for an interactive outdoor event, learning how to communicate and resolve conflict; skills transferrable both on and off the pitch.  The teams then split into two and each took to the Humber for a day sail, tested to the limit to complete the Hawk Challenge.  Team A set off on 23rd July and having discussed tactics, set off to score big points, but then had to fight against the tide to cross the finish line - 25 minutes overdue, loosing them most of their points.  Team B set off a day later, choosing to go in the opposite direction but their tactics also saw them fighting the tide at the end and corssing the line 20 minites over the deadline.  Amazingly, both teams ended up with just 10 points but both teams had a fabulous experience and learned a lot from the expreience which will help them develop their communication and team skills.  Photos are available in the Youth Team Building picutre Gallery - click here to view all galleries

How do CatZero plan your day?

Through consultations, CatZero and your organisation will identify targets and aims and come to an agreed solution about how to achieve these key goals through our product and service range. Typically we then present the action plan to the team accessing the programme, before taking them on a two day introduction event, where we engage them in physical and cognitive activities to introduce them to teamwork, leadership and communication principals. Following this, we use classroom based sessions to study voyage details and potential destinations, before embarking on the residential element of the challenge on board our Challenge 72 Racing Yacht.

Developing self-esteem, aspirational goal setting and practical skills, CatZero’s youth team development programme has a strong history of inspiring and developing young people, giving them a unique team building opportunity and the chance to build and develop relationships within a group.

For more information on how to arrange a CatZero programme for your youth team, please contact us on 01482 333303 or email us at