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CatZero is easily accessible on Hull Marina

Core Hours are 9.00 am - 4.30 pm each week day, however, we are usually open from 8.00 am through to approximately 5.00 pm.
You can call in and speak to any member of the team to find out more about CatZero.

So if you are a:
- young person wanting to change their future;
- volunteer wating to give an hour of their time;
- local partner wanting to be involved in the
- business partner wanting to offer opportunities;
- complete beginner wanting the experience of a
- advanced sailor wanting to go that extra mile;
- fundraiser wanting to achieve something
- donor or supporter wanting to do something
  different; or
- if you just want to help change the life of a
  young person & save the taxpayer millions ...

call in, drop us an email to or give us a call on 01482 333303.
For details on how to book you or your team on one of our land team building days, please call Pete on 01482 333305 or email

For details on how to book you or your team on one of our exciting sailing packages, please call Fiona on 01482 333303 or Danny on 01482 333312 or email

For dmore information about any of our programmes, please call and speak to a member of the delivery team on 01482 333305.

For more information on CatZero, please contact us at:

Tel:    01482 333303
Fax:   01482 333310

Or visit us on Hull Marina at:

2B Humber Street

To find out more about the CatZero staff and volunteer teams, please follow this
link to the Team.